Be back, With a BANG, with your shinning leather shoes!

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As the schools are re – opening now it is time to get back to work and say bye bye to the holidays. Since the schools begin shortly and it is time to get back to office too, the leather shoes, which are an extremely essential part of the uniform and your everyday office formals ;obviously , now need to be taken out of the cupboard. Yeah! They are dusty, and are not shinning, as before, of course. We know it dims your mood when you think about polishing and getting them. Are you hesitant in taking out time from your already work loaded schedule for your shoe repair?

Ha! we know how to get your smile back on your face, and reduce a little burden from your shoulders. Are you keen to know how? Or have you guessed it, already? Okay, okay. We wont keep the suspense any further. The surprise is we are a NCR based shoe repair company and we not only repair, but also stitch, polish, refurbish, clean and dry clean shoes too. Werent you looking for us, all this while? Before you equate us with other shoe repair services, know how we are different.

Yes! You read that right. We are different from other shoe cleaning services, you know how? Ummm. dont strain yourselves anymore. We value your time and money, both. Now, you dont need to look for shops neither do you have to approach them in this heat. Assumed, much? Lol! Dont be. We at We do shoes provide absolutely FREE pick and drop services for our customers.

Dont waste your time any further and stress about getting your shoes cleaned. Get in touch with us NOW, and we assure you, that you will come back to us again and again, every time!

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