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So, by now you must have heard a great deal about WeDoShoes and their services! And if you are still reluctant to use their services for your shoes, this article might help you make up your mind.

Let us start the awesome mind changing process then (no pun intended). However, I would not want to just blabber various awesome shoe services provided by the company. Rather, I would like to narrate a story about my friend’s experience with WeDoShoes.

Sometime ago, during a game of badminton, my friend was complaining about his dirty shoes. I thought it was a really good opportunity for me to given in a sales pitch for WeDoShoes’ services (like any model employee would). However, my friend did not seem that interested. He was worried for that fact his shoes were a little expensive. It hardly took any more persuasion for him to try the shoe service when I told him about the free pick up and delivery, and also about the WeDoShoes mobile app.

My friend, then, finally decided to try WeDoShoes’ services. The previous night he had asked me a hell of a lot of questions about our services and what not we could do for him. I told him to go through our website, Thereafter, he sent me some pics of his shoes, three pairs of them to be precise, and asked whether we could work our magic on them. I assured him that all will be fine. He still sounded a little skeptical about WeDoShoes, as a shoe repair shop. He told me that if we could even return one pair of shoes in a good wearable condition, he would be satisfied.

The day my friend booked his services, he sounded really happy – the source of his happiness being the discounts and the affordable pricing we had offered him. Let me assure you, I hadn’t said a thing about this to anybody at work and therefore, my friend did not get any special discounts, offers or treatment. Well that was that. Time went on and one fine day, during our weekly game of badminton, he came up to me and asked me whether I noticed anything different. I thought that he had shaved and got a new haircut. Unaware of his footwear, we continued with out game.


I think my friend could not tolerate the thought that I had not noticed his cleaned and repaired shoes. “How dumb can you be for not noticing that I’m not complaining about my shoes anymore,” he said. He then told me all about the wonderful experience he has had with the shoe repair services by WeDoShoes. He told me that the work done was exceptional. He was happy that he now had three functional and clean shoes. He was happier for the fact that we picked up and dropped off his shoes to him without any hassle. He was all gaga about our customer support system in place that kept him informed about the progress and changes during his shoe repair and cleaning services.

Now, whenever anyone talks about dirty shoes or shoe repair, my friend advocates about our services. He is the latest among the many ambassadors we have who have tried, love and now propagate our services to others.

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