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How to take care for the Leather Handbags

Leather bags are the best beloved object, appriciated by all the people around you. Remember, your Valextra Boston and Mulberry Bayswater aren’t wrought from metal or ceramic. They are all organic artefacts, and as lustrous as your new purchases may be, they will, when left to their own devices, become desiccated and dull. That is why maintenance of your leather bags and other small accoutrements is so crucial, if you want to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Here are some expert tips for you from our Handbag Professionals. You can try it, and if still not satisfied then use our Handbag reparing service.

  1. Wipe the bag once a week with warm & soapy water:-  Mix a small amount of mild liquid soap to warm water and use a soft damp cloth to wipe away any dirt from the outside of your handbag.
  2. Wipe it with grain of the handbag to avoid the ruining leather

leather handbag repair

Point to remember while Handling Handbags:-

  • Never use baby wipes OR Vinegar or any other ‘home remedy’ for cleaning or stain removal. As many of them contains chemicals and substances in them and can cause damage to the colour, dry the leather out, create a build up of grease in the leather and any number of other problems.
  • The major key for removing ink marks is to treat them straight away i.e, your first and best bet is to take your bag to see a professional as soon as possible. If you’re unable to, try a special ink removing product for leather and follow the care instructions, making sure to condition the area afterwards and leave to dry properly.
  • Keep your bag stuffed while you’re not using it to help keep its shape better.

What If the ink stains are old ?

Don’t try to remove these yourself. They will likely be too stubborn and will need professional care and here we will help you in Handbag cleaning.


Give school bags, the attention they deserve!

Schools are re – opening and with that the school bags , that were locked in the cupboard all this while, will now be taken out. Ah! That sounds like a big bummer, after a chilled out vacation, however, it is time to get back to the grind yet again. So, that time of the year is back again when you will have to pack your children’s school bag according to the time table.

As they say with time things become dusty and stale, and the beloved school bag is no different. After a gap of almost two months or sometimes more than that too, it surely needs some repairing and refurbishing. We know the thought of getting back to work, itself is very tiring and a mood spoiler for some atleast, and admist all this bag repair and dry cleaning, just comes as another headache in an already jam packed schedule.7327146800_b2e65d6bf3_o

We are quite sure, that you must be looking for a bag repair shop in Delhi, but would be hesitant to take out time to visit or approach the same. Travelling in this hot and humid weather, for bag dry cleaning, seems to be a tremendous and a boring task in itself.tippytoes-lunchbagslastday

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Be back, With a BANG, with your shinning leather shoes!

As the schools are re – opening now it is time to get back to work and say bye bye to the holidays. Since the schools begin shortly and it is time to get back to office too, the leather shoes, which are an extremely essential part of the uniform and your everyday office formals ;obviously , now need to be taken out of the cupboard. Yeah! They are dusty, and are not shinning, as before, of course. We know it dims your mood when you think about polishing and getting them. Are you hesitant in taking out time from your already work loaded schedule for your shoe repair?

Ha! we know how to get your smile back on your face, and reduce a little burden from your shoulders. Are you keen to know how? Or have you guessed it, already? Okay, okay. We wont keep the suspense any further. The surprise is we are a NCR based shoe repair company and we not only repair, but also stitch, polish, refurbish, clean and dry clean shoes too. Werent you looking for us, all this while? Before you equate us with other shoe repair services, know how we are different.

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Store it cool, dry and clean

As the vacation season comes to an end, it is time to keep those travel bags back inside the cupboard. But, Hey! Aren’t those bags dirty now, after all the traveling? How much you try to keep your travel bags clean, there is no way in which they can remain clean and shinning; by the end of the trip. Whether it is because of negligence or because of the muddy surfaces on which travel bags are kept on, there is no doubt about it, that the bags surely need some cleaning and repairing after a trip.


Now, as you get back to the grind; cleaning those travel bags seems to be an addition, to the already existing burden. Though, they are a lot of travel bag cleaning shops out there, but going to them is a task itself. Right? Don’t you worry! We are here as your rescuers with a very easy solution to this problem. If you are thinking that we are just another travel bag repair shop, you are a bit wrong. Though we do repair and clean bags but we are different from other bag repair shops in NCR, interested in knowing how?backpacking

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Worried about wearing leather shoes in monsoon? Don’t worry, We are here with a solution

Polished black shinning leather shoes are the most graceful accessory a man can adorn. Whether it be a business meeting or a dinner party the black leather shoes are usually a must wear. Pair it up with a suit or a good formal and you are all set for your event.


  As the monsoon is round the corner, are you hesitant about wearing your leather shoes, because they can get dirty in the rain and the wet mud after rains? Are you hesitant because, there are very few shoe repair shops in NCR and you cannot afford to lose your favourite pair of shoes to the rainy season?

Don’t let your heartbreak this time, as we are here with a solution. Yes! You got us right.  We do all types of shoe repair and shoe cleaning and are based in the NCR region too. Say what? Aren’t you smiling now! Wear your favourite pair of leather shoes irrespective of the weather and let us deal with the after effects of the same.SKUFF-is-Water-Repellent-and-Makes-Shoes-Waterproof

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Do you have a habit of discarding old handbags? Take a pause & read this

Handbag these days is one of the most important accessories. Whether be it for fashion statement or for utility. It is often said a handbag with some essentials in it is a woman’s best friend. Whether, it is about going to shopping or going to a bushiness deal, infact all those party dresses for your page 3 parties may feel and look incomplete without a matching handbag.


Some brands thrive on the seasonal churn that comes with novelty. But, at times we prefer consistency over seasonal changes. Bought a bag for a season and now want to make it last longer? What if we get you in touch with someone who does handbag polishing. Is your Prada or GUCCI handbag your companion of all time? Do you believe in flaunting what you own but can’t do that because your bag is too old and shabby now? Does it break your heart when you think about discarding your favourite branded handbag? Do you fear to lose your favourite accessory of all time just because it has lost its queen like glory with time? maxresdefault

What if we tell you a secret, what if we become the magicians for your handbags and make it look like a day old bag? You got us right we at WeDoShoes bring to you a unique handbag repairing service. We understand the importance of your handbag and take care of it at all the way. From Handbag fabric conditioning to refurbishing and dry cleaning we do it all to make your bag look as new as you bought. And you know what is the cherry on the cake? We pick and drop the handbag for FREE. Isn’t this the best deal in town that you can ever get?


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Spend your time holidaying while we do your travel bag cleansing!

Vacation time is usually reffered to as travel time, irrespective of the weather. However, the little bummer that seems to be unavoidable in your picture perfect trip is the poor condition of your travel bags. Remember the last time when you looked at them and kept them aside because you were too lazy to fix and clean the same. Well its time to burry your worry as we have come up with the easiest solution for you. Give your torn, tattered, dusty travel bags to us and we shall make them look gorgeous again. We will stitch, repair and clean your travel bag as never before.


Often travel bags become the less attention seeking goods and when it comes to washing it, the good old phrase “Ignorance is bliss” hits the head. But then of course at the slightest hope of a trip to your favorite destination, it is this very old trip companion which you seek at the earliest. So why not keep it ‘ready-to-go’, while you love to be in the same mode 24×7?

3d illustration: Take vacation, holiday items and suitcases

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How to clean your luggage?

My Travel Bag is dirty, how do I clean it?” It is one of the most common questions we are faced with. So what should we do? Taking it to a professional travel bags cleaning service provider is certainly a very viable option. However, if you don’t want to spend money on getting your luggage clean then what other options do you have? Taking care of your luggage certainly seems to be the most befitting answer. Handling and caring for them properly reduces your task of cleaning them frequently. However, there are times when you won’t be in control of how your bags are handled, especially when your travel bag is checked in for air travel or when you place them in a cloak room. At such instances, accident can happen. And then you would usually end up with a bag having a stain.waiting-to-go-1-1419507-1280x960

Most travel bags these days come with cleaning instructions. However, if you’ve totally missed to read them, here are a few proven tricks that you can use to clean your Travel Bag:

  • Start cleaning your Travel Bag by removing the dust. Use a brush to clean the surface of your dirty bag, especially the ones that are made up of fabric. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the bag thoroughly, including all the little pockets and spaces in between. If removing the dust is enough, then your luggage is good to go on another trip!ready-to-go-1472989

  • If your luggage requires a little more than just dusting and vacuuming, then use a cleaning agent & clean the bag whenever necessary. However, it is pivotal that you test out the cleaner first on a small area of your bag before using it . Bear in mind that not all luggage bags can be cleaned with the same cleaning agent. Be judicious enough to use appropriate cleansing agent as per the kind of material the bag is made up of.

  • If your Travel Bag is a fully soft-sided one, such as a Duffel Bag, or you are confident that water won’t damage any cardboard stiffeners, you can try to submerge your bag in cold water with a bit of mild laundry soap. Thereafter, rinse and dry the bag thoroughly.baggage-trolley-1485412-639x424

  • If the inside of your luggage has plastic lining, then wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild cleaning agent.

  • The last step in the cleaning process is to open your luggage and all its pockets, and let the bag air go in & out for a few days before & after use.

Well these are a few easy DIY to clean your luggage. However, it is advisable that you seek help from a company that is expert in dealing with travel bags polishing and travel bags dry cleaning so that you don’t end up damaging your precious luggage.

Properly Cleaning My Shoes!

Now how to clean my shoes is one question that bothers many of us, especially after a rough day at work or a fun time during the rain! Nonetheless, whatever be the reason, maintaining clean shoes is a must to look presentable in everyday life.

So now lets answer the big question, How To Clean Shoes? Well, there are many types of shoes and therefore there can not be one set rule for cleaning all kinds of shoes. Its preferable to always take a little step at a time and see what kind of cleaning works for what kind of shoe.

Leather Shoes:

  • Find out whether the leather is finished or unfinished. You should look on the shoe tag or on the shoe box.
  • Untreated leather requires different cleansers than treated leather. Most leather shoes are treated.
  • Remove caked on dirt or stains with a soft brush. Rub the brush against the surface of the shoes until it loosens.
  • Rub a clean, dry cloth against the entire surface of the leather shoes.
  • Dampen the cloth lightly. Wipe it against the surface of the shoes with the grain of the leather. Only do this with finished leather.
  • Allow the leather to dry completely, by placing it in open air inside.
  • Treat the leather. Use cream polish in the same color as the shoes for cleaning finished leather. Apply an oil like mink oil to unfinished leather.

Suede Shoes:

  • Always use a suede brush to clean your suede shoes.
  • Use a rubber pencil eraser to remove scuffs and smudges on the surface of the suede.
  • Brush the shoes all over with a suede brush. Brush in one direction.
  • Remove stains on the shoes. If your suede shoes have grease spots, apply talcum powder to the stain. Rub it deep into the stain. Then, allow it for a few hours to dry. Brush with a suede brush to remove the grease.
  • Apply a silicone based spray to weatherproof suede shoes.
  • Store suede shoes in an open area. Feel free to use a shoe tree. Give them time to air out in between wearing them.

Sports Shoes:Like mentioned above, the material of your shoes should guide you to choose the cleaning method. However, generally sport shoes are made up of washable fabric. So you can just wash your sports shoes with normal detergent and keep them fresh & clean.

Shoe repair, and bags too!

Shoe repair seems to be a hot subject these days. And why not? With the ever growing footwear industry, there is a constant demand for shoe repair and refurbishment today. And that is not all. Shoe repair and shoe care are important to ensure that shoes last you for a long time. But, we are often confounded with the question what is the best option for a shoe repair near me?

Today, at this age of social media, finding anything is very easy. All you need to do is Google your query and you get your answers for the best shoe repair and shoe refurbishment center near you. Now to prove this point, just Googling shoe repairgives you around 1,49,00,000 results containing that phrase. The top results being of shoe shops that offer shoe care and shoe repair services.

Now, a lot of shoe care and shoe repair shops claim to be the best in the business, offering a plethora of services – from shoe dry-cleaning, to shoe repair, to shoe stitching and many more. So how are we supposed to judge the best among the many choices we have. Well, I leave you at finding the right answer for yourselves. But, I would like to add to the point a good shoe repair store should ensure that your shoes should last you for a long long time after a short visit to that store. If you have to revisit the same store for the same shoes with the same shoe troubles, then your purpose of hiring them in the first point seems useless.

These days, many shoe repair shops also offer dry-cleaning, maintenance and repair services for handbags too. Like shoes, handbags too are a very important part of accessorizing yourself (ladies, you know what Im talking about). A complete shoe repair store, therefore, in my opinion, be ably apt at not only handling shoe troubles but also handbag woes. And most of these modern shoe repair shops understand this aspect of business and so offer a variety of handbag repair and maintenance services such as dry-cleaning, re-coloring, stitching and more, along with the shoe repair services.

Therefore, the modern shoe repair shops, in my opinion are apt at handling any kind of issues related to either your shoes or your handbags. Some of these shops use the most modern of equipments and most experienced and qualified craftsmen to go about handling this repair business. So when, it comes to choosing the best shoe repair and shoe care centers, just spend some time to do a little research on the services provided. After all, like I mentioned, there is no point in sending over your shoes or handbags for the same repairs again and again.