Shoe repair, and bags too!

Shoe repair seems to be a hot subject these days. And why not? With the ever growing footwear industry, there is a constant demand for shoe repair and refurbishment today. And that is not all. Shoe repair and shoe care are important to ensure that shoes last you for a long time. But, we are often confounded with the question what is the best option for a shoe repair near me?

Today, at this age of social media, finding anything is very easy. All you need to do is Google your query and you get your answers for the best shoe repair and shoe refurbishment center near you. Now to prove this point, just Googling shoe repairgives you around 1,49,00,000 results containing that phrase. The top results being of shoe shops that offer shoe care and shoe repair services.

Now, a lot of shoe care and shoe repair shops claim to be the best in the business, offering a plethora of services – from shoe dry-cleaning, to shoe repair, to shoe stitching and many more. So how are we supposed to judge the best among the many choices we have. Well, I leave you at finding the right answer for yourselves. But, I would like to add to the point a good shoe repair store should ensure that your shoes should last you for a long long time after a short visit to that store. If you have to revisit the same store for the same shoes with the same shoe troubles, then your purpose of hiring them in the first point seems useless.

These days, many shoe repair shops also offer dry-cleaning, maintenance and repair services for handbags too. Like shoes, handbags too are a very important part of accessorizing yourself (ladies, you know what Im talking about). A complete shoe repair store, therefore, in my opinion, be ably apt at not only handling shoe troubles but also handbag woes. And most of these modern shoe repair shops understand this aspect of business and so offer a variety of handbag repair and maintenance services such as dry-cleaning, re-coloring, stitching and more, along with the shoe repair services.

Therefore, the modern shoe repair shops, in my opinion are apt at handling any kind of issues related to either your shoes or your handbags. Some of these shops use the most modern of equipments and most experienced and qualified craftsmen to go about handling this repair business. So when, it comes to choosing the best shoe repair and shoe care centers, just spend some time to do a little research on the services provided. After all, like I mentioned, there is no point in sending over your shoes or handbags for the same repairs again and again.

#Throwback : Top Haute Couture Shoe Trends that rocked 2015.

How would you remember 2015? For many, the year 2015 would strike a chord with Back In Future” and the self lacing Nike sneakers. Well, the year was a great year for the shoe industry and there were great shoes that were launched this year. Read along to just have a glimpse of the shoes that was loved and admired by many. Indeed, there were so so many standout shoes this year that it was really hard not to notice someone’s footwear first before you greeted them.


Let’s recap the year, and the first shoe that really captured everyone’s imagination this year was the Nike Mag self lacing shoes. The shoe that was first seen in Michael J. Fox starrer “Back In The Future II” reinvented the conventional lacing system.

The other shoes that captured the imagination of many around the world were the ones showcased in the recent international Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. These were shoes from designer houses such as Gucci and Chanel. The most charismatic among them were Gucci’s Princetown leather and fur slipper, which was fashioned as kangaroo fur-lined mules and the original 1950s prim block-heel slingbacks by Chanel.collage2

These are not all. Last year also showed us sexy and sizzling shoes such as the Wild Thing heels by Aquazzura, with their burst of pom-pom fringe. Another interesting pair of shoes that brought something fresh and new to the shoe market was Paul Andrew’s Chrysler boots, with Art Deco heels and a beaded cityscape.

For those in need and in love of basic, but never got bored of sandals, there was Alexandre Birman’s chic bow-tied Clarita. The Clarita had class, it was sexy and yet so so simple. Then there was Stuart Weitzman’s hard-to-miss Highland boots, which every celebrity of note seemed to be snapped wearing at some

Even the most diehard stiletto lover fell for sneakers last year. And how could people not? From reissued Adidas Superstars to the all new Yeezy to Nike’s influential Flyknit innovation and Valentino’s luxe update on the white court shoe, sneakers sure did enjoy a lot of limelight last year.

The Yeezy also bagged the Footwear News Achievement Awards’ Shoe of the Year title. There was a point in time, when almost every celebrity got a shoefie or a selfie clicked in one of these sneakers.

What to look for in an Online Shoe Repair Service in Delhi-NCR

Dilli Dil Walo Ki,” but there are times when hearts break when one fine day you realize that your favorite pair of shoes is damaged! What do you do then? Throw away your valuable shoes or give them away! I am among the ones who like to hold on to things and so the viable option for me is to look for a footwear repair guy. Herein too lies a problem. Can you trust just a normal street cobbler to mend your expensive valuable shoes? These were some of the questions or issues that had gripped me a few weeks ago when I was getting ready for my friend’s wedding.

Like a knight in shinning armor, WeDoShoes came to my rescue. A friend of mine introduced me to this great shoe repair shop. At first, to be frank, I did not like the idea of giving away my shoes to repair to an unknown company, that too the shoe that I was suppose to wear on my friend’s big day. However, the recommendation for WeDoShoes came from my trusted circle of friends and so I had let go of my inhibitions.

Now let me tell you what the problem with my shoes were, the heels of both my shoes had worn off and one of the heel caps was missing. Therefore, when I looked up for WeDoShoes on the internet, their services seemed just what my shoes needed. Their website said that they offered a variety of services such as Sole / Heel Replacement Service, wherein the entire sole or heels of your shoes could be replaced. It was the only service that appealed to me at the time. So I called up the number given in their website and discussed the work that needed to be done on my shoes.

During, one of my interactions with the customer service agents of WeDoShoes, I asked about some of other services that offered. I just realized that they are among the few shoe repair shop in Delhi-NCR that offer Shoe and Handbag Recoloring Services. However, their primary work was Dry-cleaning of shoes and handbags. They were also experts in offering Shoes and Handbags Stain Removal Service. All these services fascinated me. Moreover, the review on the internet about the company was fairly positive. This compelled me to try out their services for my shoes with torn heels.

Now, the best thing about WeDoShoes is that they provide free pick-up and delivery of your shoes. That is just awesome. Truly, according to me WeDoShoes is that bar-scale for measuring the criteria of finding a shoe repair shop in Delhi and NCR.

I now eagerly await my shoes to be returned. Once they are delivered, I shall give a proper feedback on their work and services. Till then… Stay Cool.

…………….. (to be continued)

-Aapki Dilli Waali

Time to be Foot Smart!

A while ago, I faced the dilemma of repairing my favorite pair of Oxford shoes or getting a new pair. I believe most of us must have faced such a situation. Well, this particular pair of shoes was my favorite and now the heels of the shoes had worn out. Letting that pair of shoes go was a hard decision. I therefore took those shoes to WeDoShoes in the hope that they might be able to restore them.

I had heard a lot about WeDoShoes, a shoe repair shop based in Delhi-NCR. The repair expert at WeDoShoes took a look at my shoes and quoted me a price of Rs. 600. Well that settled my dilemma of buying new pair of shoes or repair my old pair. Rs. 600 to repair a pair shoes, which otherwise would have cost me at least Rs. 2500 to get a new pair of decent enough Oxfords.blog2

During that visit, I had a little chit chat with the repair guy and he gave me a brief insight of how my shoes were to be repaired. He told me that I was lucky that the soles of the shoes were damaged and hence it was repairable. He said that if the upper part of a shoe dries out or starts cracking, then it’s not worth repairing. But if the uppers are fine, the bottom half of a shoe can always be fixed. He basically meant that once the upper portion of a shoe is damaged, it is a sign that a shoe has truly reached the end of its life.

The repair worth Rs. 600 gave my shoes several extra years of life, and it left me feeling like I had a brand new pair of shoes. It is why finding a good shoe repair shop is a simple and easy trick for saving money. Had I not consulted the shoe repair shop, I would have ended up buying a new pair of shoes, which of course would have cost a great deal, while the old ones could have been easily

Of course, some people choose to ignore this rule and repair old, broken-in shoes for sentimental reasons. The repair guy from WeDoShoes showed me a pair of Aldo Suede boots that he had patched up to hide giant holes in the leather. The repair guy told me that the repairs on those shoes cost about Rs. 1500, but the owner loved those shoes so much that he wanted keep them and hence got them repair. I believe that was a good bargain as buying such a new shoe would cost more that Rs. 10000.

About The Blogger: Self Proclaimed Shoe Lover and Shoe Expert! An opinionated bugger who has to poke his bloody nose in every damned business. I guess that suffices my arroganistic introduction!!!

Importance Of Cleaning Your Shoes

These days you kind find a variety of shoe types. Good footwear do not come cheap these days. Designer shoes are worth a fortune. However, buyers of designer footwear could commit the error of not maintaining these very expensive pairs of footwear in the proper way. Not maintaining your expensive shoes can result in you frequenting the shoe repair shop for constant shoe repairs. Given below are a few benefits and importance of maintaining your shoes.

1. Your shoes will always look new.

2. Proper shoe maintenance will make your shoes durable and long lasting.

3. Properly maintained footwear add glamor to the wearer’s feet.

4. Proper maintained shoes will always remain in proper shape.

5. You will not need to spend time on purchasing new footwear every now and then.

Blog 1

Now that you know the importance of proper maintenance of your footwear, there are basically four steps involved in a proper shoe maintenance – cleaning, drying, polishing and storing.

Cleaning: Always keep your shoes clean. If they are not too dirty, you can just wipe off the dust and dirt. For footwear that are made of sensitive materials like suede or sheepskin, you will need special kinds of cleaning agents to clean off the dirt. Shoes should be hand-washed and in some cases, you will need to use special cleaners for cleaning your footwear. If your footwear have buckles and laces, you should never forget to remove these accessories and clean them separately.

Drying: After washing, you have to dry your footwear. To properly dry your shoes leave them in airy space. Do not dry them in clothes dryers or in strong sunlight. Doing so can damage your shoes.


Polishing: Some footwear may not need this step but there are other kinds of shoes that will require this as necessary step. Polishing can make your shoes new and shining. The shoe polish is in fact a protective shield for the footwear. Even if it is raining or snowing, it is still advised that you polish your shoes before wearing them.

Storing: Before you store your shoes, be sure to sort them first. Put each pair in a shoe box and arrange them inside your wardrobe. The sorting can be made differently – according to use or occasion, according to color, frequency of use and other sorting which could be applicable to your needs.

Shoe Repair Goes Online to Deliver Smart Personal Value

No doubt shoe soles and heels take a beating. But since when did shoes become a disposable commodity? You know the feeling – how many perfectly good shoes have just tossed to the back of the closet – you can’t bring yourself to throw them yet you don’t quite know what to do with them. A pair of men’s leather shoes, properly cared for, which essentially means keeping them clean and dry, can often be resoled five to seven times before the uppers become stretched and worn out. Women’s shoes, generally built of lighter materials, nevertheless can often be resoled three to five times before giving up the ghost. And especially with high heels and pumps, timely replacement heel replacement will have a tremendous impact on longevity.


But with the number of shoe repair shops closing, consumers are left in the void trying to find a convenient and trusted cobbler. The internet has had a massive impact in a relatively short period of time, sometimes forcing change, as in the case of newspapers and publishers, or enabling change, as with our friendly local cobbler. What is happening now is many shoe repair shops are going high tech. But don’t worry, the craftsman with the blue apron standing amid the whirring brushes and sewing machines, with hammer in hand, is still an essential part of the process. 


With the help of the internet, these online shoe repair shops can reach all kinds of customers while operating from a place that a customer would not like to come down physically.


Now, why don’t you take full advantage of this new age medium and start looking in your closet and think about how much money you could save putting a new sole on those favorite fashionable shoes you’ve just tossed in the back.

How to organize shoes for Men

Properly storing away your shoes when you are not wearing them increases their life span. On the other hand, unorganized and bad storing methods for shoes ensure that they are frequently taken to a shoe repair shop. After having decided and chosen storing method for your shoes, the next thing on your list should be how to organize them – in the rack or basket or cubby. This is essential for proper storage of shoes, especially for men, as they are know to be a little disorganized when it comes to storing footwear.

The first thing to check, before you start to store away your shoes is to know the type of shoes you are storing. Always store away your important footwear in a plastic bag or box to stop accumulation of dust and dirt on the surfaces of your shoes.

shoe box

After taking care of your important shoes, you should pick your footwear that you can club together to store them. You can always store away your flip flops, floaters and your canvas sports shoes together. These footwear can withstand the pressure and would not be damaged if stored away in closely packed scene.

One of the best ways to organize footwear for men is to separate them by seasons. Organize them according to the season you wear them in. Try to keep shoes that you are planning to wear frequently in places where they are easy to find and easily accessible.

Keep in mind to always clean and polish your shoes before you store them away. Ensure that your shoes are completely dry, especially after you clean them with soap and water.

If you want to up the shoe storing game, then you can store your footwear by labeling the boxes with descriptions of the type of shoe and color. This is surely going to make your life easier when you are looking for a particular type of shoes to wear on a special occasion.

Shoe cabinet

Also make it a point to check your shoes frequently. This ensures that you give timely shoe repair to those shoes that need it or those you need to discard and make space for newer shoes.

How to Make Shoes for Men Last Longer

When one talks about shoes, the picture of a woman and shoes is the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are men in this world, who are equally, if not more, fascinated by shoes as women. These men put in a lot of hard work to preserve the shoes that they love and adore. If you are one such man, who loves his shoes to his core, then the following steps are important for you to take into account.

  1. The first step towards making your shoes last longer is to ensure that you buy shoes that are made of good quality material such as suede or leather. Shoes made of natural materials are known to last longer than footwear made of man-made materials.

How to maintain

  1. When you buy shoes that comes with leather soles, the first thing you should do is to visit a shoe repair shop and have the shoe repair expert place a rubber sole on top of the leather sole to keep it from wearing off. You can replace the rubber sole as often as required.

  2. You should try to protect your shoes from water damage by using a waterproof spray or even saddle soap. It is important that you spray the waterproof spray before wearing your new shoe for the first time.

  3. Whenever you take off your shoes, make sure to remove every dirt and debris from the surface before storing or wearing them out again. Always untie your shoes laces, if your shoes have laces, before you take your shoes off. This ensures that your shoes retain their original shape. Always try to polish your shoes for men before wearing them out. Polishing doesn’t just make your shoes shine but it also conditions it and keeps it protected from harsh elements.


  1. Every time your shoe get wet, use newspaper to soak all the wetness from your shoes and allow them to dry properly before storing them or wearing them out again. Do not try to dry your shoes under a direct heat source instead, get small pieces of newspapers and stuff them up. This will help draw out. Doing so might damage your shoes.

  2. It is a good idea to change your footwear everyday to avoid wear and tear to your shoes. Moreover, wearing the same pair of shoes every day can result in smelly shoes. Pour baking powder in your shoes overnight in order to prevent bad smell and remove moisture from the insides.

Importance Of Shoe Repair.

Going green seems like the latest global trend. With so many people adopting more environmentally-friendly habits, the idea of throwing away slightly worn shoes may suddenly seem like a bad idea.


For many, good quality shoes are like an investment. If properly taken care of and repaired before any major damage is caused, your shoes can last you for a good number of years. Moreover, shoe repairing is a more convenient option when you factor the cost of getting a new pair of shoes versus cost of shoe repair. Though cobblers may seem like the people of the past who are fast disappearing, they do exist. Many high-end shoe buyers employ the services of these shoe repair specialists to maintain the quality of their footwear.


A cobbler can keep your shoes in tiptop shape for years, repairing them piece by piece. An experienced and well trained shoe repair expert can take your old shoes that you wore for your cousin’s wedding and create something new out of it. A shoe repair expert can also help you fit into shoes that suddenly feel too tight for your feet. All these for a small amount in comparison to the money you would otherwise spend on getting a new pair of shoes. Similarly, a qualified shoe repair professional can perform a host of work on your favorite shoes. Some of these works can be replacing worn heels, out-soles and insoles, changing worn straps, re-attaching and replacing embellishments, eyelets, buttons, straps and lining, buffing scratches and worn looking leather, stretching your shoes to increasing the comfort level of your feet, waterproofing your shoes to protect them from future water damages and adjust your shoes to fit your feet perfectly.

Shoe repair in India – A layman’s perspective

Oh! My favorite shoes are worn out! What should I do with them now?” This is the one question we often ask when our beloved shoes get old and worn out. It is at times, such as these that we tend to look for cobblers, who usually sit around the corner of a street. But alas, their numbers these days seems to be thinning. Does this mean that we have to throw away our shoes when they are slightly old and worn out.


Cobblers at street corners help us all in recycling our shoes before they becomes a real waste. We all get a stitch in time to save nine, especially during the monsoons when we prefer to use mended shoes and other footwear rather than use new shoes.But, as mentioned, cobblers these days are hard to find buy.

I once had an opportunity to actually talk to a cobbler. When asked about their numbers going weak, he told me that people these days do not trust them with expensive shoes. The cobbler told me that there is hardly any business for shoe repair these days. Moreover, there are shoe repair shops in the country that use high-end machinery to repair shoes.


I sat wondering about how much the world has changed. I still remember the days when we would find cobblers and shoe shiners everywhere. I still vividly remember going to a cobbler so that I could see the way he would stitch my shoe using two different strings. As a child it always filled me amazement.


I was brought back to the present, when the cobbler handed me my shoes after repairs. I felt sad at the thought that this trade that fascinated and amazed me as a child is disappearing fast. The only way to ensure that this trade survives is to encourage the cobblers to form some sort of co-operative association. I strong support this cause as I have realized that the shoe repair industry in is highly disorganized. If all the cobblers can come together and form an association, they can very start a small shoe repair shop. If they are organized, they can easily approach a financial institution for some funding to start-up a small shoe repair industry. This would be a win-win situation for the cobblers and for people like me, who would rather mend a shoe than buy a new one.