Changing the Shoe Repair and Dry Cleaning Scene in Delhi & NCR.

The shoe industry in India had been destined to flourish, and flourish it did. India is the second largest producer of footwear in the world. With all those shoes, the demand for shoe repair and refurbishment is also on the rise. Delhi & NCR, with its bustling population too has his fair share demands of footwear and an ever rising demand of shoe repair. Well, if you are in Delhi & NCR, your prayers for shoe repair has just been met –, a one stop solution for all your shoes repair problems.

WeDoShoes is a first of its kind in India. The company offers a varied array of services. From shoe repair to shoe dry-cleaning to caring for your handbags, this company seems to cater to all those with shoes and handbags issues. Well, many might speculate that the services offered by the company were present in the market before the inception of this company. This might be true; however, what makes different and unique is their niche market for branded and upmarket shoes and handbags. That is not all, the USP of this company is Free Pick and Delivery from anywhere within Delhi & NCR. This company thrives at customer satisfaction and customer convenience.

WeDoShoes idea of dealing in the niche market for branded and upmarket shoes and handbags is what sets the company really apart from among all its competitors. We all have at least one expensive brand of shoes that we love. And the thought of throwing them away just for a minor niggle is heartbreaking. Moreover, for some of us, the idea of buying a similar pair is quite heartening as it is surely going to make a dent in our pockets. With well qualified and experience craftsman, the company can provide ultimate solution for such shoes. WeDoShoes employs the best of the best shoe professionals, along with high-end machinery to ensure that, you as a customer don’t have to complain about any of the work done by them.

As mentioned earlier, WeDoShoes keeps customer convenience and satisfaction as their priority. To achieve that, they have introduced free pick-up and delivery of your handbags or shoes, be it suede shoes, leather shoes or sports shoes. Yes, they repair, refurbish and clean all kinds of shoes. WeDoShoes is the friendly neighborhood shoe repair shop that has come to the rescue of all in Delhi & NCR.


Putting My Best Shoes Forward.

As a child, I often had this weird dream that I attended a school event wearing the wrong outfit, especially the wrong kind of shoes. Fifteen years on, nothing has changed much. The only difference between the dreams then and now is that I see myself wearing the wrong shoes at various public events. These nightmares have made me conscious, and hence I ensure that I use the correct kind of shoes for the right kind of events.nice-shoes-1418802-1279x1723

However, there are times when the right shoes for the right event is not enough. Especially if you have extensively used a particular pair of shoes that is just apt for the event you want to attend. So, to avoid being caught up in embarrassing situations pertaining to your shoes, it is always better to ready ourselves and more importantly ready our shoes for all occasions.

shoes-1412414-639x426Talks about readying your shoes sound really easy. But, it is a painstaking process to ensure that you put your best shoes forward for any event you attend. One solution for such a problem is cleaning your shoes on a regular basis. However, many of us might not be able to actually care for and clean shoes like we want to, owing to our modern busy lives. But, we can all take little steps to ensure that our shoes are always ready for all occasions.

We should all start by trying to just cleaning our shoes on a regular basis. But keep in mind that all shoes cannot be cleaned in the same manner. For example, a pair of suede leather shoes cannot be cleaned using water, neither can it be cleaned by using wax polish. We have to be smart and use appropriate ways to clean the shoes we have. two-feet-white-1440444

The other thing we can do to ensure that we are always shoes ready is change or rotate the shoes we wear as frequently as possible. This ensures that your shoes would be less affected by the daily wear and tear, and also that they would stay and look fresh.

These steps are easy to follow, but we might still not find time or resources to take care of shoes. It is at times such as these that a reputed shoe repair shop ensures that your shoes are always ready for your to look perfect for any occasion you attend. These stores are experts in reviving and repairing your shoes. So, go ahead use their expertise to be able to dress right for the right occasion.


Before meets After at WeDoShoes

So, by now you must have heard a great deal about WeDoShoes and their services! And if you are still reluctant to use their services for your shoes, this article might help you make up your mind.

Let us start the awesome mind changing process then (no pun intended). However, I would not want to just blabber various awesome shoe services provided by the company. Rather, I would like to narrate a story about my friend’s experience with WeDoShoes.

Sometime ago, during a game of badminton, my friend was complaining about his dirty shoes. I thought it was a really good opportunity for me to given in a sales pitch for WeDoShoes’ services (like any model employee would). However, my friend did not seem that interested. He was worried for that fact his shoes were a little expensive. It hardly took any more persuasion for him to try the shoe service when I told him about the free pick up and delivery, and also about the WeDoShoes mobile app.

My friend, then, finally decided to try WeDoShoes’ services. The previous night he had asked me a hell of a lot of questions about our services and what not we could do for him. I told him to go through our website, Thereafter, he sent me some pics of his shoes, three pairs of them to be precise, and asked whether we could work our magic on them. I assured him that all will be fine. He still sounded a little skeptical about WeDoShoes, as a shoe repair shop. He told me that if we could even return one pair of shoes in a good wearable condition, he would be satisfied.

The day my friend booked his services, he sounded really happy – the source of his happiness being the discounts and the affordable pricing we had offered him. Let me assure you, I hadn’t said a thing about this to anybody at work and therefore, my friend did not get any special discounts, offers or treatment. Well that was that. Time went on and one fine day, during our weekly game of badminton, he came up to me and asked me whether I noticed anything different. I thought that he had shaved and got a new haircut. Unaware of his footwear, we continued with out game.


I think my friend could not tolerate the thought that I had not noticed his cleaned and repaired shoes. “How dumb can you be for not noticing that I’m not complaining about my shoes anymore,” he said. He then told me all about the wonderful experience he has had with the shoe repair services by WeDoShoes. He told me that the work done was exceptional. He was happy that he now had three functional and clean shoes. He was happier for the fact that we picked up and dropped off his shoes to him without any hassle. He was all gaga about our customer support system in place that kept him informed about the progress and changes during his shoe repair and cleaning services.

Now, whenever anyone talks about dirty shoes or shoe repair, my friend advocates about our services. He is the latest among the many ambassadors we have who have tried, love and now propagate our services to others.

How long before you should Repair your Running Shoes?

You dont have to be a fitness freak to understand the importance of running shoes. Anyone, who has even the remotest idea or concern about his or her health would definitely value his or her running shoes. But, like everything else, running shoes too have an expiry date. Its important know when your running shoes are up for a shoe repair service.

Shoe repair service is important to enhance the life of your health companion. Yes! For many, the health of their running shoes corresponds directly to their personal health. So what are you waiting for? Check your running shoes for telltale signs about their life. Given below is a rudimentary checklist that should warn you about the impending doom of your beloved running shoes.


  • The first thing about running shoes that should force you to take it to a shoe repair shop is the sole. After a considerable amount of use, your running shoes, like any other shoes, start to wear off at the soles. If you see the soles of your running shoes coming off from anywhere, it is definitely time for you to take them for repairs. Lest you risk injury to yourself as poor sole condition of your running shoes might cause you to lose balance and fall.

  • Another sign of running shoe repair is the insole that provides you with the extra comfort while running. When you feel that the insoles of your running shoes are worn out, it is time you take some action. Insoles in running shoes are especially designed to absorb the pressure exerted on your feet. Damaged insoles fail this purpose and so your feet are at the receiving end of all that pressure and thus you are the risk of an foot injury.


  • There are other signs that screams SHOE REPAIR. Some of the most visible signs are damaged shoe net, or stained fabric, damaged shoe laces and so and so forth. Dont ever assume that you can use your running shoes with these minor glitches. Running shoes these days are scientifically designed and therefore everything in your running shoes is there for a reason. Even if the smallest part of your running shoes is damaged, you render yourself risking an injury. Moreover, we must all have heard the saying, a stitch in time saves nine. Therefore, the next time you notice ever the smallest defect to your running shoes, get them to a shoe repair shop for a proper repair.

#Throwback : Top Haute Couture Shoe Trends that rocked 2015.

How would you remember 2015? For many, the year 2015 would strike a chord with Back In Future” and the self lacing Nike sneakers. Well, the year was a great year for the shoe industry and there were great shoes that were launched this year. Read along to just have a glimpse of the shoes that was loved and admired by many. Indeed, there were so so many standout shoes this year that it was really hard not to notice someone’s footwear first before you greeted them.


Let’s recap the year, and the first shoe that really captured everyone’s imagination this year was the Nike Mag self lacing shoes. The shoe that was first seen in Michael J. Fox starrer “Back In The Future II” reinvented the conventional lacing system.

The other shoes that captured the imagination of many around the world were the ones showcased in the recent international Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. These were shoes from designer houses such as Gucci and Chanel. The most charismatic among them were Gucci’s Princetown leather and fur slipper, which was fashioned as kangaroo fur-lined mules and the original 1950s prim block-heel slingbacks by Chanel.collage2

These are not all. Last year also showed us sexy and sizzling shoes such as the Wild Thing heels by Aquazzura, with their burst of pom-pom fringe. Another interesting pair of shoes that brought something fresh and new to the shoe market was Paul Andrew’s Chrysler boots, with Art Deco heels and a beaded cityscape.

For those in need and in love of basic, but never got bored of sandals, there was Alexandre Birman’s chic bow-tied Clarita. The Clarita had class, it was sexy and yet so so simple. Then there was Stuart Weitzman’s hard-to-miss Highland boots, which every celebrity of note seemed to be snapped wearing at some

Even the most diehard stiletto lover fell for sneakers last year. And how could people not? From reissued Adidas Superstars to the all new Yeezy to Nike’s influential Flyknit innovation and Valentino’s luxe update on the white court shoe, sneakers sure did enjoy a lot of limelight last year.

The Yeezy also bagged the Footwear News Achievement Awards’ Shoe of the Year title. There was a point in time, when almost every celebrity got a shoefie or a selfie clicked in one of these sneakers.

What to look for in an Online Shoe Repair Service in Delhi-NCR

Dilli Dil Walo Ki,” but there are times when hearts break when one fine day you realize that your favorite pair of shoes is damaged! What do you do then? Throw away your valuable shoes or give them away! I am among the ones who like to hold on to things and so the viable option for me is to look for a footwear repair guy. Herein too lies a problem. Can you trust just a normal street cobbler to mend your expensive valuable shoes? These were some of the questions or issues that had gripped me a few weeks ago when I was getting ready for my friend’s wedding.

Like a knight in shinning armor, WeDoShoes came to my rescue. A friend of mine introduced me to this great shoe repair shop. At first, to be frank, I did not like the idea of giving away my shoes to repair to an unknown company, that too the shoe that I was suppose to wear on my friend’s big day. However, the recommendation for WeDoShoes came from my trusted circle of friends and so I had let go of my inhibitions.

Now let me tell you what the problem with my shoes were, the heels of both my shoes had worn off and one of the heel caps was missing. Therefore, when I looked up for WeDoShoes on the internet, their services seemed just what my shoes needed. Their website said that they offered a variety of services such as Sole / Heel Replacement Service, wherein the entire sole or heels of your shoes could be replaced. It was the only service that appealed to me at the time. So I called up the number given in their website and discussed the work that needed to be done on my shoes.

During, one of my interactions with the customer service agents of WeDoShoes, I asked about some of other services that offered. I just realized that they are among the few shoe repair shop in Delhi-NCR that offer Shoe and Handbag Recoloring Services. However, their primary work was Dry-cleaning of shoes and handbags. They were also experts in offering Shoes and Handbags Stain Removal Service. All these services fascinated me. Moreover, the review on the internet about the company was fairly positive. This compelled me to try out their services for my shoes with torn heels.

Now, the best thing about WeDoShoes is that they provide free pick-up and delivery of your shoes. That is just awesome. Truly, according to me WeDoShoes is that bar-scale for measuring the criteria of finding a shoe repair shop in Delhi and NCR.

I now eagerly await my shoes to be returned. Once they are delivered, I shall give a proper feedback on their work and services. Till then… Stay Cool.

…………….. (to be continued)

-Aapki Dilli Waali

WeDoShoes – Your Shoe Saviour!

The helpless feeling you get when your expensive pair of shoes has worn out heels or the soles are just worn through or for that matter suffers any damage. If you ever been on the receiving end of such helplessness, than WeDoShoes is the perfect place for you to get those shoes repaired and save a bomb in having to buy new pair of another expensive shoes.

Everyone likes to have new shoes at times, but in this day and age you have to ensure that your expenditure does not exceed your income. Getting a favourite pair of shoes repaired will save you money and make your shoes as good as new. Besides, when you finally find a pair of shoes that is the right colour and has the perfect style and fits you just perfect, it is a shame to bin them just because they need some kind of repair.

shoe repair in delhi

Our parents and grandparents grew up in a society where shoe repair and cobblers were normal. These days many people throw away their shoes rather than have any repairs done on them. Moreover, cobblers have become an endangered species. In addition to that, shoes made these days are a little harder to repair. Therefore, choose WeDoShoes, one of the best online company that provides shoe repair in Delhi NCR. The experts at WeDoShoes treat your shoes like their own and make the best possible efforts to make it as good as it was when brought new. With over a decade of experience in the shoe business, the company offers the best shoe repair services at the most affordable prices.

WeDoShoes boasts of well trained and experienced shoe repair expert who will love to work on your shoes to make them as good as it was when you bought them new. It is not only shoe repair in Delhi and NCR that WeDoShoes specializes in, WeDoShoes also offers a comprehensive shoe dry cleaning service.

That is not all, the company also offers a free pick up and delivery service for your shoes. All you need to do is just call us with your shoe problems and sit back. The company will take the best care of your shoes and return it after making it as good as new.

Time to be Foot Smart!

A while ago, I faced the dilemma of repairing my favorite pair of Oxford shoes or getting a new pair. I believe most of us must have faced such a situation. Well, this particular pair of shoes was my favorite and now the heels of the shoes had worn out. Letting that pair of shoes go was a hard decision. I therefore took those shoes to WeDoShoes in the hope that they might be able to restore them.

I had heard a lot about WeDoShoes, a shoe repair shop based in Delhi-NCR. The repair expert at WeDoShoes took a look at my shoes and quoted me a price of Rs. 600. Well that settled my dilemma of buying new pair of shoes or repair my old pair. Rs. 600 to repair a pair shoes, which otherwise would have cost me at least Rs. 2500 to get a new pair of decent enough Oxfords.blog2

During that visit, I had a little chit chat with the repair guy and he gave me a brief insight of how my shoes were to be repaired. He told me that I was lucky that the soles of the shoes were damaged and hence it was repairable. He said that if the upper part of a shoe dries out or starts cracking, then it’s not worth repairing. But if the uppers are fine, the bottom half of a shoe can always be fixed. He basically meant that once the upper portion of a shoe is damaged, it is a sign that a shoe has truly reached the end of its life.

The repair worth Rs. 600 gave my shoes several extra years of life, and it left me feeling like I had a brand new pair of shoes. It is why finding a good shoe repair shop is a simple and easy trick for saving money. Had I not consulted the shoe repair shop, I would have ended up buying a new pair of shoes, which of course would have cost a great deal, while the old ones could have been easily

Of course, some people choose to ignore this rule and repair old, broken-in shoes for sentimental reasons. The repair guy from WeDoShoes showed me a pair of Aldo Suede boots that he had patched up to hide giant holes in the leather. The repair guy told me that the repairs on those shoes cost about Rs. 1500, but the owner loved those shoes so much that he wanted keep them and hence got them repair. I believe that was a good bargain as buying such a new shoe would cost more that Rs. 10000.

About The Blogger: Self Proclaimed Shoe Lover and Shoe Expert! An opinionated bugger who has to poke his bloody nose in every damned business. I guess that suffices my arroganistic introduction!!!

Gearing Up For The Winters

Winters are that time of the year when you would like to stay a little bit longer in the confines of your warm bed. It is that time of the year when you tend to let go of your morning runs and walks owing to cold freezing temperatures outside. Moreover, harsh north Indian winters can be brutal if you are not equipped with proper winter running shoes. Yes! Winter running shoes. They are a must have for those individuals who want to face the cold winter mornings for their regular morning runs. Running in the winter is achievable if you wear the right clothes, have the correct footwear and you stay motivated.

So let’s gear up for the upcoming winter and look for shoes that would not only provide you comfort during the cold morning runs, but would also protect your feet from winter’s full blooded assault. Some of the winter running shoes listed in this article might be hard to lay your hands on, nonetheless, they are among the best that are available today.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

GTS, which is short for Go-to Shoe, is an appropriate name for this versatile footwear. It has a lot of and an all-out crash pad that makes it a very maximalist shoe. These features also makes the GTS 15 one of the most stable and forgiving shoes that is available today in the market. The sole of this shoes provides excellent grip, which is just about perfect for any winter condition.

North Face Men’s Ultra MT Gore-TexNorth Face

The Ultra MT Gore-Tex shoes from North Face is made for trail running. It is waterproof and so it is excellent for those wet winter mornings.

Skechers GoRun Ultra Extreme


The exterior of Skechers’s GoRun Ultra Extreme is made of a three-layer synthetic material, which renders the shoes waterproof, while allowing air in for weatherproof comfort. It is equipped with enhanced Resalyte cushioning that reduces the impact of more rugged winter terrain.

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail v2New Balance

This New Balance runner is perhaps the most suited running shoes for north Indian winters. The shoes come equip with large lugs designed to prevent slipping off. It also features a toe protector and REVlite cushioning. They are neither waterproof or not very insulated and thus perfect for milder Indian winters.

With the rise in footwear industry in India, there is also a need to create a more systematic network of shoe repair shops in the country. Indian’s are known to recycle their footwear, rather than dumping them and getting new ones. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to make available a well-established shoe repair set-up that can handle the large number of domestic demands for shoe repair. WeDoShoes is a one stop solution for Dry Cleaning & Repairing of footwear and accessories. We offer free pickup and delivery service on Cash on Delivery!

Shoe Repair Goes Online to Deliver Smart Personal Value

No doubt shoe soles and heels take a beating. But since when did shoes become a disposable commodity? You know the feeling – how many perfectly good shoes have just tossed to the back of the closet – you can’t bring yourself to throw them yet you don’t quite know what to do with them. A pair of men’s leather shoes, properly cared for, which essentially means keeping them clean and dry, can often be resoled five to seven times before the uppers become stretched and worn out. Women’s shoes, generally built of lighter materials, nevertheless can often be resoled three to five times before giving up the ghost. And especially with high heels and pumps, timely replacement heel replacement will have a tremendous impact on longevity.


But with the number of shoe repair shops closing, consumers are left in the void trying to find a convenient and trusted cobbler. The internet has had a massive impact in a relatively short period of time, sometimes forcing change, as in the case of newspapers and publishers, or enabling change, as with our friendly local cobbler. What is happening now is many shoe repair shops are going high tech. But don’t worry, the craftsman with the blue apron standing amid the whirring brushes and sewing machines, with hammer in hand, is still an essential part of the process. 


With the help of the internet, these online shoe repair shops can reach all kinds of customers while operating from a place that a customer would not like to come down physically.


Now, why don’t you take full advantage of this new age medium and start looking in your closet and think about how much money you could save putting a new sole on those favorite fashionable shoes you’ve just tossed in the back.