Changing the Shoe Repair and Dry Cleaning Scene in Delhi & NCR.

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The shoe industry in India had been destined to flourish, and flourish it did. India is the second largest producer of footwear in the world. With all those shoes, the demand for shoe repair and refurbishment is also on the rise. Delhi & NCR, with its bustling population too has his fair share demands of footwear and an ever rising demand of shoe repair. Well, if you are in Delhi & NCR, your prayers for shoe repair has just been met –, a one stop solution for all your shoes repair problems.

WeDoShoes is a first of its kind in India. The company offers a varied array of services. From shoe repair to shoe dry-cleaning to caring for your handbags, this company seems to cater to all those with shoes and handbags issues. Well, many might speculate that the services offered by the company were present in the market before the inception of this company. This might be true; however, what makes different and unique is their niche market for branded and upmarket shoes and handbags. That is not all, the USP of this company is Free Pick and Delivery from anywhere within Delhi & NCR. This company thrives at customer satisfaction and customer convenience.

WeDoShoes idea of dealing in the niche market for branded and upmarket shoes and handbags is what sets the company really apart from among all its competitors. We all have at least one expensive brand of shoes that we love. And the thought of throwing them away just for a minor niggle is heartbreaking. Moreover, for some of us, the idea of buying a similar pair is quite heartening as it is surely going to make a dent in our pockets. With well qualified and experience craftsman, the company can provide ultimate solution for such shoes. WeDoShoes employs the best of the best shoe professionals, along with high-end machinery to ensure that, you as a customer don’t have to complain about any of the work done by them.

As mentioned earlier, WeDoShoes keeps customer convenience and satisfaction as their priority. To achieve that, they have introduced free pick-up and delivery of your handbags or shoes, be it suede shoes, leather shoes or sports shoes. Yes, they repair, refurbish and clean all kinds of shoes. WeDoShoes is the friendly neighborhood shoe repair shop that has come to the rescue of all in Delhi & NCR.


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