Do you have a habit of discarding old handbags? Take a pause & read this

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Handbag these days is one of the most important accessories. Whether be it for fashion statement or for utility. It is often said a handbag with some essentials in it is a woman’s best friend. Whether, it is about going to shopping or going to a bushiness deal, infact all those party dresses for your page 3 parties may feel and look incomplete without a matching handbag.


Some brands thrive on the seasonal churn that comes with novelty. But, at times we prefer consistency over seasonal changes. Bought a bag for a season and now want to make it last longer? What if we get you in touch with someone who does handbag polishing. Is your Prada or GUCCI handbag your companion of all time? Do you believe in flaunting what you own but can’t do that because your bag is too old and shabby now? Does it break your heart when you think about discarding your favourite branded handbag? Do you fear to lose your favourite accessory of all time just because it has lost its queen like glory with time? maxresdefault

What if we tell you a secret, what if we become the magicians for your handbags and make it look like a day old bag? You got us right we at WeDoShoes bring to you a unique handbag repairing service. We understand the importance of your handbag and take care of it at all the way. From Handbag fabric conditioning to refurbishing and dry cleaning we do it all to make your bag look as new as you bought. And you know what is the cherry on the cake? We pick and drop the handbag for FREE. Isn’t this the best deal in town that you can ever get?


What are you waiting for, connect with us NOW on whatsapp / call @ 88 265 232 98 and we promise you to bring you smiles! 🙂

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