Gearing Up For The Winters

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Winters are that time of the year when you would like to stay a little bit longer in the confines of your warm bed. It is that time of the year when you tend to let go of your morning runs and walks owing to cold freezing temperatures outside. Moreover, harsh north Indian winters can be brutal if you are not equipped with proper winter running shoes. Yes! Winter running shoes. They are a must have for those individuals who want to face the cold winter mornings for their regular morning runs. Running in the winter is achievable if you wear the right clothes, have the correct footwear and you stay motivated.

So let’s gear up for the upcoming winter and look for shoes that would not only provide you comfort during the cold morning runs, but would also protect your feet from winter’s full blooded assault. Some of the winter running shoes listed in this article might be hard to lay your hands on, nonetheless, they are among the best that are available today.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

GTS, which is short for Go-to Shoe, is an appropriate name for this versatile footwear. It has a lot of and an all-out crash pad that makes it a very maximalist shoe. These features also makes the GTS 15 one of the most stable and forgiving shoes that is available today in the market. The sole of this shoes provides excellent grip, which is just about perfect for any winter condition.

North Face Men’s Ultra MT Gore-TexNorth Face

The Ultra MT Gore-Tex shoes from North Face is made for trail running. It is waterproof and so it is excellent for those wet winter mornings.

Skechers GoRun Ultra Extreme


The exterior of Skechers’s GoRun Ultra Extreme is made of a three-layer synthetic material, which renders the shoes waterproof, while allowing air in for weatherproof comfort. It is equipped with enhanced Resalyte cushioning that reduces the impact of more rugged winter terrain.

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail v2New Balance

This New Balance runner is perhaps the most suited running shoes for north Indian winters. The shoes come equip with large lugs designed to prevent slipping off. It also features a toe protector and REVlite cushioning. They are neither waterproof or not very insulated and thus perfect for milder Indian winters.

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