Give school bags, the attention they deserve!

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Schools are re – opening and with that the school bags , that were locked in the cupboard all this while, will now be taken out. Ah! That sounds like a big bummer, after a chilled out vacation, however, it is time to get back to the grind yet again. So, that time of the year is back again when you will have to pack your children’s school bag according to the time table.

As they say with time things become dusty and stale, and the beloved school bag is no different. After a gap of almost two months or sometimes more than that too, it surely needs some repairing and refurbishing. We know the thought of getting back to work, itself is very tiring and a mood spoiler for some atleast, and admist all this bag repair and dry cleaning, just comes as another headache in an already jam packed schedule.7327146800_b2e65d6bf3_o

We are quite sure, that you must be looking for a bag repair shop in Delhi, but would be hesitant to take out time to visit or approach the same. Travelling in this hot and humid weather, for bag dry cleaning, seems to be a tremendous and a boring task in itself.tippytoes-lunchbagslastday

Guess what?? We have the perfect solution for you. Want to know what? If you are thinking that we are a bag repair shop in NCR, you are almost right, but, you are missing out on our USP. Do you know what our USP is? Ummmmm…..don’t stress your mind in guessing it any further, we pick and drop bags from and to your doorstep. Are you jumping with joy now? Hold on! We have another surprise for you. We don’t charge you for our conveyance, which mean our pick and drop is absolutely free.

What are you waiting for now? Pick up your phones and get in touch with us, and we assure you, to give you the best services in town!

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