How long before you should Repair your Running Shoes?

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You dont have to be a fitness freak to understand the importance of running shoes. Anyone, who has even the remotest idea or concern about his or her health would definitely value his or her running shoes. But, like everything else, running shoes too have an expiry date. Its important know when your running shoes are up for a shoe repair service.

Shoe repair service is important to enhance the life of your health companion. Yes! For many, the health of their running shoes corresponds directly to their personal health. So what are you waiting for? Check your running shoes for telltale signs about their life. Given below is a rudimentary checklist that should warn you about the impending doom of your beloved running shoes.


  • The first thing about running shoes that should force you to take it to a shoe repair shop is the sole. After a considerable amount of use, your running shoes, like any other shoes, start to wear off at the soles. If you see the soles of your running shoes coming off from anywhere, it is definitely time for you to take them for repairs. Lest you risk injury to yourself as poor sole condition of your running shoes might cause you to lose balance and fall.

  • Another sign of running shoe repair is the insole that provides you with the extra comfort while running. When you feel that the insoles of your running shoes are worn out, it is time you take some action. Insoles in running shoes are especially designed to absorb the pressure exerted on your feet. Damaged insoles fail this purpose and so your feet are at the receiving end of all that pressure and thus you are the risk of an foot injury.


  • There are other signs that screams SHOE REPAIR. Some of the most visible signs are damaged shoe net, or stained fabric, damaged shoe laces and so and so forth. Dont ever assume that you can use your running shoes with these minor glitches. Running shoes these days are scientifically designed and therefore everything in your running shoes is there for a reason. Even if the smallest part of your running shoes is damaged, you render yourself risking an injury. Moreover, we must all have heard the saying, a stitch in time saves nine. Therefore, the next time you notice ever the smallest defect to your running shoes, get them to a shoe repair shop for a proper repair.

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