How to clean smelly shoes!

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A lot of emphasis has been placed on shoes these days. People want to know the brand, color, style, and so on and so forth of the shoes you are wearing. And why not? Well, after all a good pair of shoes, in my opinion, is the finishing touch that can make or break your image. You can tell a great deal about a person by the shoes that person is wearing. Some experts even go on to the extent to claim that a persons personality can be deciphered to a great degree by taking a note of the pair of shoes a person wears. Shoes also are a great indicators of social and financial status of a person. So if you need to create a good impression of yourself, your shoes are important too. This does not mean that you go about spending exorbitantly on expensive shoes that you probably don’t need.

All I want to stress on is that, you should try to wear a decent enough pair of shoes that are clean and not damaged. However, there might be times that you are just unlucky and you somehow happen to step into a pile of mud or hit your shoe the wrong way so as to damage them. In such cases, you must be proactive enough to ensure that your shoes are cleaned or repair immediately.

Wearing clean shoes and employing proper shoe care ensures that your shoes serve you for a long long time. That being said, we all have a particular pair of shoes that we adore the most and hence use them more often than not. This practice leads to a particular nasty shoe problem smelly shoes, regardless of the material that your shoes are made of. Given below are some DIY hacks to get rid of smelly shoe problems.

  • Try not wear a particular pair of shoes on consecutive days.

  • Use a few tablespoons of baking soda into each shoe and shake well so as to spread the baking soda. Let your shoes sit overnight with the baking soda in them.

  • Remember those silica gels packs that you thought were useless. Well, not really. Keep them in your shoes and let the magic happen. The silica helps prevent the bacteria that causes your shoes to develop the stink and thus helps in maintaining that freshness you always wanted.

So the next time you start developing smelly shoes, just follow these simple DIY Shoe Care hacks.

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