How to find the right pair of running shoes for yourself?

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It does not matter whether you are an Olympic athlete or a running enthusiast, happy feet can make all the difference. If you are a runner, you will understand the feeling of selecting running shoes that other runners have, which can is similar to purchasing a house or a car. It is only natural to have that feeling as you will be spending a lot of time in them, so you do not want to end up with something you do not like. Given below are a few things that you should consider before buying a pair of running shoes.


  • Your heel should fit snug, but it should not be tight. When laced up, but but not tied, you should be able to slide your feet out of the shoe. There should be some heel movement; however, make sure that the movement is not uncomfortable. Any irritation you feel in the store will be amplified once you hit the road.

  • A shoe’s upper portion that touched the top of your feet should feel snug and secure around your instep. If an otherwise great shoe has hot spots or pressure under the laces, try lacing it up a different way before moving on to the next shoe.


  • Your foot should be able to move side-to-side in the shoe’s forefoot without crossing over the edge of the insole. You should be able to pinch a quarter inch of upper material along the widest part of your foot. If the shoe is too narrow, you will feel the base of your little toe sitting on the edge of the shoe last.

  • Feet swell and lengthen over a run, so make sure there is at least a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of a shoe. A friend or shoe fitter can measure this while you stand with your shoes laced up. Your toes should also wiggle freely up and down. Wiggle room protects against front-of-the-foot issues.


  • Check the flex point before you put on the shoe. You can do this by holding the heel and pressing the tip of the shoe into the floor. The shoe should bend and crease along the same line your foot flexes. An improperly aligned flex point can lead to arch pain or plantar fasciitis, while a lack of flexibility leads to Achilles-tendon or calf strain.

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