How to Fix Your Own Shoe Problems

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Shoes are not only accessories that makes you look and feel good and beautiful, they are a necessity. However, an uncomfortable shoe can ruin all that and make you feel terrible. Shoes are designed to look hot and sexy this means that the comfort levels are ignored at times. If you don’t agree with the statement, than imagine wearing really high and steep heeled shoes.

So what is the way out of an uncomfortable shoe? The answer to that is becoming your own shoe doctor. To become your own shoe doctor, you do not have to go to podiatry school. All you need to do is follow these recommendations and you can fix all your shoe woes.

When you are buying a new pair of shoes, always make sure that there is enough room in the front of the shoe for your toes to wiggle and move around freely. If there is redness on the top or sides of your toes after trying on a new pair of shoes, it means that those shoes are a little tight and could lead to developing corns, blisters and subsequent pain when wearing them for long periods of time. Always ensure that you have at least a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.


Shoes that are slightly too big can cause the heel to pop out of the back, foot slippage or arch cramping when walking. You can take of such problems by visiting a shoe repair shop and getting the shoes fit you perfectly. Moreover, these repair shops can also offer products that can prevent the foot from slipping forward, pain in the ball of the foot and the arch from cramping.

You can also get your lose shoes repaired by placing extra insoles in the shoe which would fill in the extra space. Look for shoes that have soft fabrics so it can accommodate the annoying lumps and bumps often found on your feet. Shoe repair shops can also be helpful because they have the ability to stretch shoes and soften the leather if they are to narrow or increase the room in the toe box creating more wiggle room.

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