How to organize shoes for Men

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Properly storing away your shoes when you are not wearing them increases their life span. On the other hand, unorganized and bad storing methods for shoes ensure that they are frequently taken to a shoe repair shop. After having decided and chosen storing method for your shoes, the next thing on your list should be how to organize them – in the rack or basket or cubby. This is essential for proper storage of shoes, especially for men, as they are know to be a little disorganized when it comes to storing footwear.

The first thing to check, before you start to store away your shoes is to know the type of shoes you are storing. Always store away your important footwear in a plastic bag or box to stop accumulation of dust and dirt on the surfaces of your shoes.

shoe box

After taking care of your important shoes, you should pick your footwear that you can club together to store them. You can always store away your flip flops, floaters and your canvas sports shoes together. These footwear can withstand the pressure and would not be damaged if stored away in closely packed scene.

One of the best ways to organize footwear for men is to separate them by seasons. Organize them according to the season you wear them in. Try to keep shoes that you are planning to wear frequently in places where they are easy to find and easily accessible.

Keep in mind to always clean and polish your shoes before you store them away. Ensure that your shoes are completely dry, especially after you clean them with soap and water.

If you want to up the shoe storing game, then you can store your footwear by labeling the boxes with descriptions of the type of shoe and color. This is surely going to make your life easier when you are looking for a particular type of shoes to wear on a special occasion.

Shoe cabinet

Also make it a point to check your shoes frequently. This ensures that you give timely shoe repair to those shoes that need it or those you need to discard and make space for newer shoes.

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