My Shoe Tale!

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While on my way back from getting some hot tea from the break room at work, I realized that one of my shoes felt loose and weird. When I reached back to my seat, I saw that some of rivets from one of my shoes had fallen off and were lying motionless next to my chair.

I then took off my shoe to see whether the rivets could be could be pressed back in so that I could at least get back home. The task seemed pointless. And in my effort to tighten my shoes laces, i noticed that the leather started tearing off from where the rivets were suppose to be. That was not all, I noticed something else. The heels of both my shoes had worn out unevenly. Damn! I should have corrected my walk and gait when I was younger.

shoe care

I had known for months that these shoes were wearing out. There were signs of wear and tear in the leather of my right shoe. It looked like these shoes were heading towards the dumpster. But they were my main work shoes and they were really comfortable to wear all day, every day. I was lost at the prospect of losing my favorite oxford shoes.

The thought of buying new shoes came and went in my head. There were certain things that I was considering while weighing my options to buy a new pair of shoes:

  • It would cost at least Rs. 2500 for a decent pair of office-worthy shoes

  • Would the replacement shoes pass the 9-to-10-hours-a-day comfort test in the real world

Shoe Repair Service

I knew I didn’t want to buy a shoe that I would never wear. However, I needed new shoes and that too urgently. I did what anyone would do. I walked up to my colleague’s chair and bemoaned the death of my favorite shoes. She has lived in this city for years, and asked her if she could recommend a good place for Shoe Repair Service. She told about a shoe repair shop that she had used in the past. The best thing about the shoe repair company was that they offered free pickup and delivery services.

I called the repair shop ASAP and relayed my woes to the repair man. “Can they be saved?” was by final statement. No problem,” said the repair man. “We’ll deliver your shoes in two weeks.

I was pretty skeptical about their ability to save my shoes, especially for the Rs. 500 that I was quoted, but the repair man seemed so confident that I was willing to try.

The D-day finally came, and WOW!

  • The rip had been repaired

  • Some sort of resin had been used to restore the entire heel

  • The rivets on both shoes had been replaced, and

  • My beloved shoes had been polished.

shoe revival

For less than half the cost of a new pair of shoes that I would have probably hated anyway, my existing shoes were completely fixed.

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