Properly Cleaning My Shoes!

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Now how to clean my shoes is one question that bothers many of us, especially after a rough day at work or a fun time during the rain! Nonetheless, whatever be the reason, maintaining clean shoes is a must to look presentable in everyday life.

So now lets answer the big question, How To Clean Shoes? Well, there are many types of shoes and therefore there can not be one set rule for cleaning all kinds of shoes. Its preferable to always take a little step at a time and see what kind of cleaning works for what kind of shoe.

Leather Shoes:

  • Find out whether the leather is finished or unfinished. You should look on the shoe tag or on the shoe box.
  • Untreated leather requires different cleansers than treated leather. Most leather shoes are treated.
  • Remove caked on dirt or stains with a soft brush. Rub the brush against the surface of the shoes until it loosens.
  • Rub a clean, dry cloth against the entire surface of the leather shoes.
  • Dampen the cloth lightly. Wipe it against the surface of the shoes with the grain of the leather. Only do this with finished leather.
  • Allow the leather to dry completely, by placing it in open air inside.
  • Treat the leather. Use cream polish in the same color as the shoes for cleaning finished leather. Apply an oil like mink oil to unfinished leather.

Suede Shoes:

  • Always use a suede brush to clean your suede shoes.
  • Use a rubber pencil eraser to remove scuffs and smudges on the surface of the suede.
  • Brush the shoes all over with a suede brush. Brush in one direction.
  • Remove stains on the shoes. If your suede shoes have grease spots, apply talcum powder to the stain. Rub it deep into the stain. Then, allow it for a few hours to dry. Brush with a suede brush to remove the grease.
  • Apply a silicone based spray to weatherproof suede shoes.
  • Store suede shoes in an open area. Feel free to use a shoe tree. Give them time to air out in between wearing them.

Sports Shoes:Like mentioned above, the material of your shoes should guide you to choose the cleaning method. However, generally sport shoes are made up of washable fabric. So you can just wash your sports shoes with normal detergent and keep them fresh & clean.

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