Shoe Repair Goes Online to Deliver Smart Personal Value

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No doubt shoe soles and heels take a beating. But since when did shoes become a disposable commodity? You know the feeling – how many perfectly good shoes have just tossed to the back of the closet – you can’t bring yourself to throw them yet you don’t quite know what to do with them. A pair of men’s leather shoes, properly cared for, which essentially means keeping them clean and dry, can often be resoled five to seven times before the uppers become stretched and worn out. Women’s shoes, generally built of lighter materials, nevertheless can often be resoled three to five times before giving up the ghost. And especially with high heels and pumps, timely replacement heel replacement will have a tremendous impact on longevity.


But with the number of shoe repair shops closing, consumers are left in the void trying to find a convenient and trusted cobbler. The internet has had a massive impact in a relatively short period of time, sometimes forcing change, as in the case of newspapers and publishers, or enabling change, as with our friendly local cobbler. What is happening now is many shoe repair shops are going high tech. But don’t worry, the craftsman with the blue apron standing amid the whirring brushes and sewing machines, with hammer in hand, is still an essential part of the process. 


With the help of the internet, these online shoe repair shops can reach all kinds of customers while operating from a place that a customer would not like to come down physically.


Now, why don’t you take full advantage of this new age medium and start looking in your closet and think about how much money you could save putting a new sole on those favorite fashionable shoes you’ve just tossed in the back.

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