Shoe Repair Secrets

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Every once a while there comes a pair of shoes that just feels magical on your feet. So when you find that perfect pair of shoes for your feet, you should take all the necessary steps to ensure that they last you for a long time. Irrespective of the kind of shoes that look and feel amazing on you, they need some kind of care and repair work. Given below are some important tips that any premier shoe repair shop in Delhi-NCR would give you about shoe care.


  1. You might be a proud owner of a vintage shoe, but when it comes to repairing old and vintage shoes, it ever worth your time or resources. Repairing old shoes are like repairing old cars. The perfect and exact parts are hard to find. Moreover, just as in case of old cars, when you repair a part, some other part seems to fall apart.

  1. Never let go of an amazing pair of shoes just because they’re a little tight or a bit too loose for you. If your shoe is too tight, there are many shoe repair company that can make those shoes fit you. Today, there are machines that can increase not only the length and width, but specific areas, such as too-tight toes, as well. On the other hand, if your shoes are a little loose for you, you can use inner soles, tongue pads and heel grips to make that shoe fit your perfectly. However, if you are planning to buy a new shoe and you can slip your finger into the heel, just don’t buy them.5

  1. Gel shoe pads are comfortable at first — especially if you frequently complain about sore and swollen feet. However, they don’t feel so comfortable after a month or so. The material used in gel shoe pads spreads out and breaks down. Therefore, the cushioning provided to your feet is negligible.

  1. 3Weatherproofing your shoes is a great idea to increase your shoe life. This is necessary especially if you live in areas where rainfall or snowfall is frequent. However, it is important that you clean your shoes before you waterproof them.

  1. There is a reason for shoes being being sold with their storage case. Storing your shoes in these bags helps preventing structural damage of the shoes. It is also important that you store your shoes in a proper manner. Keep your shoes away from direct sunlight and heating vents to keep the material intact. Another easy way of keeping leather from cracking is by applying leather conditioner, which can be found in any shoe repair shop in NCR.shoe-repair-shop

However, if you find signs of wear and tear on your shoes, it is advisable that you take your shoes to for shoe repair in Delhi NCR at the earliest. Early detection of damage to your shoes can lead to successful and cheap shoe restoration.

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