Shoes Speak Louder Than Words

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Have you ever come across the expression, “Shoes Speak Louder Than Words”? No! Well this statement is true and you better believe it.

A study conducted by the Department of Psychology, University of Kansas investigated peoples precision in judging characteristics of an unknown person, based solely on the shoes he or she wears most often. As per the study, participants provided photographs of their shoes, completed a questionnaire on their own personality traits. A new group of participants accurately judged the age, gender, income, and attachment anxiety of shoe owners based solely on the pictures. The study thus concluded that shoes can indeed be used to evaluate others, at least in some domains.


According to the researchers, “shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers.” As per the study, it was concluded that high income people wear expensive shoes (nothing surprising here!). The study further concluded that extroverts tend to own flashy and colourful footwear. Conscientious people keep their footwear spotless despite whether they are new or not. Liberal thinkers tend to wear shabbier and less expensive shoes. Agreeable people wear practical and functional shoes. Aggressive personalities prefer ankle boots. Calm personalities appear to prefer shoes that look uncomfortable.


Well, so far all we have discussed is the importance of shoes to create a last and favorable first impressions on others. But, it is a fact that shoe maintenance is a difficult task. Yet, there are a few tips that, if followed, can ensure that you do have impeccably clean shoes. However, if you feel you do not have enough time to devote to your shoes, always hire a shoe repair shop who can keep your shoes clean and shiny.


Given below are some tips that sure ought to help you in your quest of maintaining clean shoes, thereby helping you create a long lasting good first impressions on others:



  • Your leather shoes a day off too. This allows them to air out, which dries out the moisture so the leather lasts longer.
  • Use shoe trees when your shoes are stored. Use a cedar shoetree to help absorb moisture and maintain their shape. Having said that, avoid storing your shoes in shoe boxes for long periods of time, especially in humid climates. Prolonged storage can cause certain footwear materials to deteriorate.shoe-3-1426609
  • Always use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes. This saves the heel collar and counter from unnecessary wear.
  • Clean your shoes on a regular basis, depending on the frequency of use. The cleaning method depends on the shoe’s material. For example, leather shoes can be polished regularly, and your normal canvas shoes can be washed, and you can brush your suede shoes for best results.
  • When applying any chemical to any of your shoes, it is always best to do a pre-test in an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire surface area.

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