Spend your time holidaying while we do your travel bag cleansing!

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Vacation time is usually reffered to as travel time, irrespective of the weather. However, the little bummer that seems to be unavoidable in your picture perfect trip is the poor condition of your travel bags. Remember the last time when you looked at them and kept them aside because you were too lazy to fix and clean the same. Well its time to burry your worry as we have come up with the easiest solution for you. Give your torn, tattered, dusty travel bags to us and we shall make them look gorgeous again. We will stitch, repair and clean your travel bag as never before.


Often travel bags become the less attention seeking goods and when it comes to washing it, the good old phrase “Ignorance is bliss” hits the head. But then of course at the slightest hope of a trip to your favorite destination, it is this very old trip companion which you seek at the earliest. So why not keep it ‘ready-to-go’, while you love to be in the same mode 24×7?

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Are you afraid of traveling to the bag dry cleaning store every now and then? You sure have better places to go, right? And in this scroching summer who would want to visit a laundry shop when you can enjoy a scoop of ice cream while we take care of this issue of yours. Yes! You got us right. We are always available to collect your travel bag from your house and deliver the cleaned and refreshed version of the same at your doorstep. Did we forget to tell you that the pick and drop is ABSOLUTELY FREE.


Time is money and money should be spent judiciously and trust us we use both of them with utmost sincerity. Get your travel bags cleaned and dry cleaned with us once and you shall remember us again for all the good reasons!

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