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As the vacation season comes to an end, it is time to keep those travel bags back inside the cupboard. But, Hey! Aren’t those bags dirty now, after all the traveling? How much you try to keep your travel bags clean, there is no way in which they can remain clean and shinning; by the end of the trip. Whether it is because of negligence or because of the muddy surfaces on which travel bags are kept on, there is no doubt about it, that the bags surely need some cleaning and repairing after a trip.


Now, as you get back to the grind; cleaning those travel bags seems to be an addition, to the already existing burden. Though, they are a lot of travel bag cleaning shops out there, but going to them is a task itself. Right? Don’t you worry! We are here as your rescuers with a very easy solution to this problem. If you are thinking that we are just another travel bag repair shop, you are a bit wrong. Though we do repair and clean bags but we are different from other bag repair shops in NCR, interested in knowing how?backpacking

We not only clean, repair, refurbish, dry clean, stitch and polish your bags, but also pick and drop your travel bags from your door step deliver it back to your doorstep. You must be thinking about our conveyance charge, Right? Sit back, take a deep breath and smile, because we provide our pick and drop service absolutely free!!trekking-in-italy-9-1409305

Don’t waste your time further and delay your travel bags cleaning. Pick up your phones and whatsapp / call us NOW or you could also reach us thru our and we will get back to you sooner than the soonest! 🙂

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