Time to be Foot Smart!

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A while ago, I faced the dilemma of repairing my favorite pair of Oxford shoes or getting a new pair. I believe most of us must have faced such a situation. Well, this particular pair of shoes was my favorite and now the heels of the shoes had worn out. Letting that pair of shoes go was a hard decision. I therefore took those shoes to WeDoShoes in the hope that they might be able to restore them.

I had heard a lot about WeDoShoes, a shoe repair shop based in Delhi-NCR. The repair expert at WeDoShoes took a look at my shoes and quoted me a price of Rs. 600. Well that settled my dilemma of buying new pair of shoes or repair my old pair. Rs. 600 to repair a pair shoes, which otherwise would have cost me at least Rs. 2500 to get a new pair of decent enough Oxfords.blog2

During that visit, I had a little chit chat with the repair guy and he gave me a brief insight of how my shoes were to be repaired. He told me that I was lucky that the soles of the shoes were damaged and hence it was repairable. He said that if the upper part of a shoe dries out or starts cracking, then it’s not worth repairing. But if the uppers are fine, the bottom half of a shoe can always be fixed. He basically meant that once the upper portion of a shoe is damaged, it is a sign that a shoe has truly reached the end of its life.

The repair worth Rs. 600 gave my shoes several extra years of life, and it left me feeling like I had a brand new pair of shoes. It is why finding a good shoe repair shop is a simple and easy trick for saving money. Had I not consulted the shoe repair shop, I would have ended up buying a new pair of shoes, which of course would have cost a great deal, while the old ones could have been easily salvaged.blog

Of course, some people choose to ignore this rule and repair old, broken-in shoes for sentimental reasons. The repair guy from WeDoShoes showed me a pair of Aldo Suede boots that he had patched up to hide giant holes in the leather. The repair guy told me that the repairs on those shoes cost about Rs. 1500, but the owner loved those shoes so much that he wanted keep them and hence got them repair. I believe that was a good bargain as buying such a new shoe would cost more that Rs. 10000.

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