Tips for Maintaining Leather Shoes

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Leather shoes are a must have for everybody. A pair of polished leather shoes can bring added shine to your dress code. However, if not taken proper care of, you have to send your leather shoes for repairing, after which they often tend to lose their shine and charm. Therefore, it is only pivotal that you maintain your leather shoes to increase it life. Given below are some tips to help you maintain you leather shoes.

  1. Polish regularly: Polishing is the most basic and effective tip to keep your shoes glowing. It is advisable to polish your shoes at least 3 times a week. This will significantly prolong the life of the shoes and thus keep you away from any kind of shoe repair.

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  1. Avoid keeping socks in your shoes: Some people have this awful habit of plugging their socks inside their shoes at the end of the day. This often leaves a pungent smell inside the belly of the shoe. The awful smell gets ingrained in your shoes and then transpires into new socks. In the long run, you would neglect wearing and taking care of that pair of shoes as they give your smelly feet.

  1. Untie your laces before taking off your shoes: Remember, leather shoes are not flexible. If you are someone who likes to kick your shoes out of your feet after without untying your shoe laces, you are affecting the fitting of your shoes. It is not recommended by the manufacturer as this practice will broaden the arc of your shoes at the rear and spawn stretch marks on the leather.

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  1. Store your shoes properly: You can increase the life of your shoes if you keep them in a milieu which is free from dust and moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to shelter the shoes in a closed shoe rack. While storing your shoes, avoid direct sunlight on the shoes as they can hamper the shine of the shoes. Also, use shoe trees for your shoes for them to retain their shape while in storage.

  1. Protect your shoes from rain: Always resist the temptation of getting wet in the monsoon rain, if you love your leather shoes. You should always waterproof your leather shoes by coating it with linseed oil. Linseed oil does not permit water to seep inside the skin of the shoe.


  1. Use a shoe horn or spoon to wear shoes: Most shoes get disfigured or loosen up from the sides because we fail to wear them properly. The use of a shoe horn or spoon to wear a shoe can prevent it from getting loose, thus increasing the longevity of our leather shoes.

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