Top 10 Shoe Brands In India

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Indian footwear industry has grown over the years. It is fast emerging as one of the fastest emerging industries in the country. Today, shoes are not only needed to protect one’s feet, but they have also become a part of style statement.

With the rise in population of the country and a significant increase in the purchasing power of the common Indian man, the demands for shoes in India are ever-growing. As a result, a lot of domestic and international shoe brands have emerged in the Indian footwear industry. Here is an attempt by WeDoShoes to distinguish the Top 10 Shoe Brands in India.

  1. Reebok: Reebok International Ltd. is a British athletic footwear and apparel company.Reebok produces and distributes fitness and sports items including shoes, workout clothing and accessories, and training equipment. In India Reebok has many elite outlets including factory outlets which offer enormous discounts year around.

  2. Bata: Bata India is the major seller and foremost manufacturer of footwear in India and is a part of the Bata Shoe association. Integrated as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited in 1931, the company was put up initially as a small process in Konnagar (near Calcutta) in 1932. The Company went public in 1973 when it changed its name to Bata India Limited. Today, Bata India has recognized itself as India’s largest footwear seller.

  3. Nike: Nike is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Its headquarter is in Portland, Oregon.

  4. Adidas: Adidas is one of the most popular shoe brands in India and its sneakers, fashion oriented, and sports shoes are highly sought after. The company was founded by Dassler brothers Adi and Rudolph who came up with the first soccer shoes that had studs.

  5. Woodland: It is an outdoor wear and shoes manufacturing brand owned and founded by the Aero Group, which began operations in 1960s. Woodland differentiated itself early on being a rough, outdoor leather shoe brand, the variety usually favored by adventurists.


  1. Valentino: Valentino is part of Guru Shoes Tech Private Limited (GSTPL). The company’s head offices are situated at Agra and it was set up during 1985 by Moti Lal Daultani. GSTPL today boasts of state-of-the-art leather processing & manufacturing facility which also has a world-class CAD design centre.

  2. Paragon: Established the year 1975 with a manufacture capacity of 1500 pairs per day, Paragon made its modest entry into the Indian marketplace. Kerala was home to the adolescent brand. The Paragon Group of companies is a market leader in the organized rubber footwear area.

  3. Relaxo: Relaxo started operations during 1976 and officially became a company during 1984 and went public during 1995. The company earned in excess of INR 8700 million in 2011-12 and has a current daily manufacturing rate of 3 lakh pieces. Its 9 manufacturing units are located in northern India.

  4. RedTape: Red Tape is famous for its unmatched comfort, and wide range of styles. It is owned by Mirza International Limited and it was launched during 1996. It is represented by Bollywood star Salman Khan and is now the leading lifestyle brand of India. In addition to footwear it deals in accessories and apparels. It primarily deals in men’s footwear

  5. Puma: Formed in 1924, it is a a major German multinational company that produces athletic and casual footwear, as well as sportswear. Puma Sports India Limited is the Indian arm of the company. It is major manufacturer of sports like athletics, football and motor-sports.

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