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So what is WeDoShoes all about? It is the question that demands an immediate answer. Well, your wait is finally over. Today, all your doubts related to WeDoShoes.com or what they do will be clarified. So let’s begin.

The company is based out of Faridabad and caters to anyone and everyone in Delhi and NCR region. As the name suggests, the company deals with shoes. Now, the question is – deal with shoes, but what exactly? Well the primary thing that the company is involved with is shoes repair and shoe dry cleaning. The detailed list of services that WeDoShoes provides is given below:

Men’s footwear

  • Recoloring: Discoloration is a sign of wear and tear in shoes that can be noticed after they are used for some time. WeDoShoes helps you restore or recolor discolored shoes using high quality color. The color and technique the company uses helps your shoe retain the new color for a very long time.

  • Sole replacement: It is a process where the sole, both inner and outer, of your shoes is completely replaced with a new one. The soles used in the process are of premium quality. WeDoShoes ensures that the new sole that replaces your damaged sole matches your shoes in every aspect.

  • Sole pasting: You must have face certain situations where just a little portion of your soles start to come off and that forces you to brand those shoes unwearable. Well, WeDoShoes can revive such shoes for you with the sole pasting technique. You can be rest assured that your soles are going to be intact for a long time.

  • Stain removal or dry cleaning: One of the most important task of WeDoShoes is to ensure that the people of Delhi-NCR have spotlessly clean shoes. It is therefore, the company invests so much time in developing new techniques and methods of dry-cleaning. The dry-cleaning process used by the company is subjective to the materials that different shoes are made off.

  • Patch work: When the surface of your shoe is damaged or torn, it cannot be repaired. Therefore, a patch work becomes a necessity. WeDoShoes provides the best shoe-patch repair. They use high quality leather or fabric, depending on the material your shoe is made off, to patch up the damaged or torn surface. They always try to merge the shoe-patch repair with the original shoe design.

  • Rivets replacement: Wondering what rivets are? They are the little metal or plastic structures through which your shoe lace goes through. Yes! At WeDoShoes, even your rivets are given importance. When they change your shoe rivets, they want to maintain a uniformity in your shoe design and so they replace the rivets in pairs.

  • Stitching: Perhaps, the best and the most traditional way of mending any shoe is by stitching it. WeDoShoes use the best and highest quality stitching equipment to ensure that the stitches on your shoes are not a thing of concern for you anymore.

  • Lace replacement: Finding a lace replacement for your high end shoes can often be a problem. WeDoShoes provides shoe lace replacement for all kinds of shoes. Maintaining the originality of your shoe is the company’s prime objective.

Ladies footwear

  • Heel replacement: Heels is what makes ladies’ footwear attractive. Therefore, WeDoShoes channelizes maximum effort in ensuring that your broken heels are repaired and they look great and feel better than before.

  • Stitching: Like mentioned above, stitching is performed by WeDoShoes with great care. The stitching does not, at any way, alter or modify the looks or style of your beautiful footwear.

  • Heel repairing: Heels are the most famous of all the ladies footwear. Therefore, WeDoShoes has specialized experts who are trained to repair heels of any ladies footwear.

  • Sole replacement: Replacing the sole of your shoes is not an easy task. There are a lot things that need to be detailed before the task can be executed. At WeDoShoes, there is dedicated team of experts to facilitate the same task.


  • Coloring: With time and frequent use, your handbag often fades away. WeDoShoes use high quality coloring agents to re-color your beloved handbag. The qualified team of experts at WeDoShoes use high end equipment and processes to obtain a even coloring of that gorgeous handbag.

  • Dry cleaning: The process of cleaning a handbag depends largely on the material that your handbag is made off. Irrespective of the various materials, the process used by WeDoShoes uses safe cleaning agents to ensure that your valuable possession is not harmed in any way.

  • Stitching: A stitch is perhaps the thing that holds together a handbag. Therefore, when it comes off, your handbag and accessories also come apart. WeDoShoes use high quality stitching equipment and techniques to ensure that your handbags and accessories stay intact and look better.

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