What to look for in an Online Shoe Repair Service in Delhi-NCR

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Dilli Dil Walo Ki,” but there are times when hearts break when one fine day you realize that your favorite pair of shoes is damaged! What do you do then? Throw away your valuable shoes or give them away! I am among the ones who like to hold on to things and so the viable option for me is to look for a footwear repair guy. Herein too lies a problem. Can you trust just a normal street cobbler to mend your expensive valuable shoes? These were some of the questions or issues that had gripped me a few weeks ago when I was getting ready for my friend’s wedding.

Like a knight in shinning armor, WeDoShoes came to my rescue. A friend of mine introduced me to this great shoe repair shop. At first, to be frank, I did not like the idea of giving away my shoes to repair to an unknown company, that too the shoe that I was suppose to wear on my friend’s big day. However, the recommendation for WeDoShoes came from my trusted circle of friends and so I had let go of my inhibitions.

Now let me tell you what the problem with my shoes were, the heels of both my shoes had worn off and one of the heel caps was missing. Therefore, when I looked up for WeDoShoes on the internet, their services seemed just what my shoes needed. Their website said that they offered a variety of services such as Sole / Heel Replacement Service, wherein the entire sole or heels of your shoes could be replaced. It was the only service that appealed to me at the time. So I called up the number given in their website and discussed the work that needed to be done on my shoes.

During, one of my interactions with the customer service agents of WeDoShoes, I asked about some of other services that offered. I just realized that they are among the few shoe repair shop in Delhi-NCR that offer Shoe and Handbag Recoloring Services. However, their primary work was Dry-cleaning of shoes and handbags. They were also experts in offering Shoes and Handbags Stain Removal Service. All these services fascinated me. Moreover, the review on the internet about the company was fairly positive. This compelled me to try out their services for my shoes with torn heels.

Now, the best thing about WeDoShoes is that they provide free pick-up and delivery of your shoes. That is just awesome. Truly, according to me WeDoShoes is that bar-scale for measuring the criteria of finding a shoe repair shop in Delhi and NCR.

I now eagerly await my shoes to be returned. Once they are delivered, I shall give a proper feedback on their work and services. Till then… Stay Cool.

…………….. (to be continued)

-Aapki Dilli Waali

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