Worried about wearing leather shoes in monsoon? Don’t worry, We are here with a solution

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Polished black shinning leather shoes are the most graceful accessory a man can adorn. Whether it be a business meeting or a dinner party the black leather shoes are usually a must wear. Pair it up with a suit or a good formal and you are all set for your event.


  As the monsoon is round the corner, are you hesitant about wearing your leather shoes, because they can get dirty in the rain and the wet mud after rains? Are you hesitant because, there are very few shoe repair shops in NCR and you cannot afford to lose your favourite pair of shoes to the rainy season?

Don’t let your heartbreak this time, as we are here with a solution. Yes! You got us right.  We do all types of shoe repair and shoe cleaning and are based in the NCR region too. Say what? Aren’t you smiling now! Wear your favourite pair of leather shoes irrespective of the weather and let us deal with the after effects of the same.SKUFF-is-Water-Repellent-and-Makes-Shoes-Waterproof

Sit back and don’t think any more about this. Just ping us and we will be happy to help you.

Worried about carrying your shoes to us? Relax, we pick and drop your shoes and that too for free.

What are you waiting for now? Call us and enjoy our services!

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